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Radiant Floor HeatingRadiant floor heating is a heating system that conducts heat through the surface of the floor. The heat then travels upward into the air, heating the entire room. Radiant floor heating is a modern, energy-saving technology that has proven to be cost-effective and efficient. Though radiant floor heating is more expensive to install than traditional methods of heating, it saves money in the long run. If you are interested, contact All Star Plumbing & Restoration radiant floor heating services and we can install floor heating in your home for a low price.

Radiant heating comes with many advantages, which explains the tremendous growth the industry has had in recent years. Because the floor only needs to be heated to about 80 degrees, this style of heating can save you anywhere from 20%-50% on your energy bill during the winter. These flooring system usually require a water boiler heated by gas or a typical water heater. With radiant floor heating, heat loss is minimized greatly. The heat that is conducted through the floors is constant and insulated, unlike forced-air heaters and there is no energy lost through air ducts in this form of heating. Because radiant floor heating is more efficient and the heat circulates from the bottom up, the heat can be up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than a traditional heating system.

Another advantage radiant floor heating poses is the comfortable silence. No more having to deal with the whirring of radiators or the loud blows of forced-air heaters. Floor heating just provides you with a constant flow of heat right at your feet.

With radiant floor heating, you are guaranteed to have a warmer experience than you would using a typical forced air heating system. With conventional heating systems, hot air comes in from around shoulder height and immediately rises to the ceiling, making your head hot but the rest of your body freezing cold. With radiant floor heating, you can feel the warmth from your toes up, ensuring evenly distributed heat throughout your entire body to make you warm and cozy.

Choosing the proper type of flooring is also important when looking to install radiant floor heating. For the heating system to work properly, the flooring must be a material that conducts heat well. This can be anything from stone, to concrete, to vinyl. Ceramic tile, however, seems to be the best flooring type because that material conducts heat so quickly. Wood flooring and certain carpets are not recommended, as wood can shrink at certain temperatures, and a thicker carpet will do a poor job at conducting heat.

The process of setting up these systems are usually done when the house is being built or new flooring is being installed. Setting up floor heating includes a lot of wiring and know-how. If you live in the Boise/Meridian area and are interested in installing this innovative heating system in your home, contact the professionals at All Star Plumbing & Restoration radiant floor heating services and we will you up with a cozy, effective heating system.