January 7, 2015 Plumbing Services Newsletter - Water Filtration Systems

"I sure appreciated how quick and cost effectively you guys took care of my leaking copper pipes under the house this past summer. Highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs plumbing service!"

Andy Krivy, owner of Infinity Signs, Boise, Idaho

Water Filtration Systems

Most people take the purity of their water for granted, thinking all water is the same. But water purity can range indefinitely, especially when it becomes tap water. Water from your home can contain harmful impurities like chlorine, bacterial contaminants, and even lead. These impurities can affect overall health, particularly when it comes to children and those susceptible to water-born germs. With a water filtration system, you can eliminate the smell of chlorine and water allergens from your water, and can prevent illness due to any number of known toxins.

Water filtration systems can range in volume, efficiency and price depending on the size of your home and function. When choosing a system that’s right for your home, consider a water assessment test which can help determine which system is right.

When looking for a water filtration system, All Star Plumbing and Restoration is here to help. For a more detailed list of services offered, visit allstarplumbingandrestoration.com.


Plumbers Without Borders

Safe and sanitized water should be a basic human right but, unfortunately, not all people have fresh drinking water. In most third world countries, and some second world countries, pure, clean water isn’t readily available to everyone. Many rural cities and towns have very limited resources when it comes to basic needs like plumbing, water purification systems, and even the training to implement clean water programs. With programs like Plumbers Without Borders, a company based out of Seattle, countries have volunteer plumbers come to countries like Haiti and teach students and local personnel how to do the work themselves. Non-profit organizations contribute by bringing supplies and equipment to those countries, so plumbing initiatives can be implemented and awareness of the need for clean water can be increased. While the process can be slow and at times difficult, it is one that has a return well worth the effort. With a raised standard of sanitation, improved hygiene and access to clean water, readily-available filtered water ultimately helps save lives around the world.


Repairs: Water Damage

When winter strikes, burst or frozen pipes are a common occurrence. Regardless of the size of the home, anyone can be susceptible to water damage from leaks and damaged pipes, however, mobile or modular homes are more likely to run into problems. There are steps to take to minimize the possibility of frozen pipes. Pipes can be insulated with special heating strips and sleeves, or fiberglass insulation. Both hot and cold water pipes should be insulated, as both have the ability to freeze.

A few ways to prevent pipes from freezing during a cold streak:

  • Insulate pipe
  • Keep water moving (a slow drip works)
  • Turn off and drain outdoor faucets
  • Open sink cabinet doors (in kitchens and bathrooms to help with air flow)

Occasionally, frozen pipes still happen, even in the best of conditions. When pipes freeze or worse yet, burst, All Star Plumbing is here to help, even in the dead of winter. Contact us as we are available 24/7 for all emergency-based plumbing issues, like flooding.


Home Renovations: Mistakes That Can Cost You

Home renovations are not something to take lightly; they require lots of consideration including the size of the space, which room(s) are affected, lighting, and many other factors. Above everything else, renovating a space can be time consuming and expensive. There are many concepts to keep in mind when considering even the smallest renovation, as many decisions can have long-term or permanent impacts.

Here are some things to AVOID when updating any space:

Hiring the lowest priced contractor: This isn’t always the wisest choice as there are many contractors out there. When it comes to finding a qualified contractor, the more research the better. Ratings and reviews are typically a good gauge of some of the better contractors in the area. Price alone should not be the deciding factor as a low cost contractor can lead to many additional charges if the work is done improperly and needs to be redone.

Failing to get required permits: When it comes to adding an extra bathroom or even just a simple renovation, it is important to obtain the correct permits. This is especially important when a city inspector comes to check the before and after of a project, to make sure everything was installed properly and safely. Not having the proper permits can result in fines and reopening of work that was already completed.

Underbudgeting: Budgeting is a huge part of any renovation project. Be sure to include some extra cushion for any project, with a 10% add-on for any unexpected issues or changes. Setting the budget too low can lead to a half-finished bathroom for an unforeseen amount of time, and nobody wants that.

Getting too personal: having florescent pink walls, carpeting and lighting might match your personality, but if you’re planning to sell in the near future, keeping themes neutral is a much better option. It’s much easier for another person to envision their dream home when a home appeals to a wider audience.

Being too elaborate: Everyone envisions their perfect dream home, and some are willing to go up and over what is necessary to get to that point. It’s nice to have the best kitchen in the neighborhood, with immaculate granite countertops and all, but if you invest more than what the average kitchen is like in your neighborhood, you may be spending too much. The best renovation is one that matches the styling and median home value in the area.

As many remodeling projects require trained professionals, it is always recommended to contact a licensed contractor before starting any project and almost every room in a home has fixtures and pipes that need to be moved, removed or readjusted. At All Star Plumbing and Restoration, we can assist in building the perfect dream room. Contact us for questions about your next home remodel.