Restoration: Trash Removal Service

"We have known Brian Flowers for more than 15 years. He and his All Star Plumbing & Restoration crew have done many plumbing jobs for us in our home. We have always been completely satisfied."

- Jerry & Sue Wagner

Trash removal serviceHere at All Star Plumbing & Restoration, we offer trash removal service throughout the Boise, Eagle, and the Meridian area. One call and we can come pick up your fallen trees, clean up your water damage, wind damage, anything too severe for your weekly garbage man! Once we get a call, we send a truck out to your home and take care of the waste so you the only time you have to lift a finger is to dial our number!

One thing most people don’t know about is where the trash goes once the trash removal team takes it away. For most people, they leave their trash in front of a curb and it disappears forever. Once the garbage is removed, it will most likely be brought to a transfer station or a landfill. Here, garbage is sorted to either be left at the landfill, brought to a recycling center, or an incinerator.


Once a trash removal team has compacted the trash, it is then dumped into a landfill and plowed into previous deposits. Typically, trucks will be continuously dumping dirt over these deposits to bury the garbage. Being left there to decompose, most landfills have a systems of pipes connecting to the pile to extract methane gas that is released in the decomposition of the material. The methane gas is then used for energy to power most if not all of the operation. The energy produced in this process helps limit our dependency on fossil fuels. Actually finding a use for the released methane also reduces its damaging effects on the ozone layer as well.


Incinerating garbage not only creates energy, but helps reduce the space landfills take up. Some trash is brought to sites known as waste-to-energy facilities. Here, the garbage is burned for energy, where some facilities create nearly 3,000 mega-watts of energy, enough power to heat up to 1.5 million homes. Incinerating garbage not only creates energy, but helps reduce the space landfills take up. In this process of garbage removal, only ash is left behind. For safety purposes, the ash is tested regularly to assure that it is safely disposed of. In some cases, non-hazardous ash could be recycled and used for roads, parking lots, or used to cover landfills.


In the trash removal process, recyclables are used in many different ways, depending on the material. Wood debris and miscellaneous yard waste can be cut and chipped into different kinds of mulch and compost for gardening purposes. However, recycling primarily focuses on non-degradable material that otherwise would be left sitting in a landfill until the end of time. For example, recycled soda cans could be easily reformed into new soda cans, while other materials are re-purposed. Recycled glass is heated up into a furnace into a liquid and placed into mold to create new shapes for new purposes. Plastic bottles and other plastic materials venture into a similar process. Most plastics are cleaned, inspected, and melted into a liquid. The liquid then goes through screens for further cleaning and is dried and cut into sections. The sections are then sent to companies to create new products. Many other products can be recycled and have similar results. Recycling reduces waste greatly and helps create cheaper materials to be used and reused.

The trash removal process has many steps, all with a specific purpose. For you however, we can remove the your extra trash in one clean sweep! Whether you have furniture that needs to be thrown out, or rotting piles of leaves, we can can come dispose everything your weekly garbage man won’t! Feel free to contact All Star Plumbing & Restoration trash removal service.