Plumbing and Restoration: Carpet Care and Carpet Removal

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Andy Krivy, owner of Infinity Signs, Boise, Idaho

Carpet RemovalCarpet removal is often a lengthy, laborious process. Just one of our many services, All Star Plumbing & Restoration will come and remove your carpet for you! Whether your carpet is worn out or has suffered from water damage, pet damage or mold, All Star Plumbing and Restoration can assist in the removal of your carpet and get the room ready for new carpet.

However, taking proper care of your carpet can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. With proper care, your carpet can last years longer, helping you avoid the trouble of getting your carpet removed. Interestingly enough carpets are one of the easiest forms of flooring to maintain. Here are some easy tips and steps you can take to ensure that your carpet lasts and to avoid carpet removal.

Prevention: Perhaps the easiest way to guarantee a clean and long lasting carpet is taking precautions to avoid it getting dirty in the first place. One step to help make sure your carpet stays clean is to place a floor mat outside of the door leading into the room. This way, excess dirt, soil, asphalt, and whatever else may be on the bottoms of shoes stays at the door instead of being tracked throughout your home. Just be sure to clean the mats on a regular basis! Another precaution you could take would be to move the furniture around on occasion. Not only does this bring new life to the room, but it relieves pressure on the carpet, leaving it even. When doing this, use carpet protectors under heavy legs of furniture to save your carpet even more.

Vacuuming: Though obnoxiously obvious, the most important step to caring for your carpet is vacuuming. With consistent vacuuming, your carpet can maintain durability and freshness as this assures that your carpet doesn’t accumulate dirt that embeds and spreads into the carpet, making it appear darker and stained. A cheaper kind of vacuum may remove most of the surface dirt but will not be able to pick hidden particles and grudge embedded deeper into the carpet. Depending on the type of carpet you have, you may want to make sure your vacuum cleaner is properly suited to clean the ground thoroughly. For example, if you have a soft or long carpet, like a shag carpet, you may want to get a vacuum with adjustable height efficient airflow, rather than a low hanging cleaner with more specific or suctioned air flow and vice versa for a harder carpet. These adjustments make it easier for the vacuum to pick up debris lying in longer carpets that other types of vacuums wouldn’t pick up so be sure to know what type of vacuum suits your carpet best! It’s best to vacuum at least once a week if possible.

Stain Removal: The most noticeable wear on carpet is individual stains. Carpet removal is done most often due to multitudes of stains or blemishes on the carpet. To avoid a stain in the first place, remove the contents spilled from the carpet carefully, with a spoon or something similar. Do not rub in! Rather, blot with a rag. As far as what cleaner to use, search online. In most cases, there are dozens of proven methods to properly clean up whatever substance stained the carpet. Once finished with the recommended cleaning method you found, go over the spot again with water and a rag and weigh it down with a heavy object to make sure that any residue left over will be absorbed by the rag.

Though they may seem obvious, the tips above can greatly aid you in any attempts to make sure your carpet has a clean, long lasting life! As always, if the carpet is already aged and you are in need of some carpet removal, All Star Plumbing & Restoration is just a call away! Available 24/7, contact us for carpet removal and we will happily remove your carpet.