Garbage Disposals Do's and Dont's

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Garbage DisposalsMost modern homes have a functioning garbage disposal. Having one can be greatly beneficial when it comes to cleaning up and disposing of unwanted food. However, if used improperly, garbage disposals can easily break and become a hassle for the owners. In the event of a garbage disposal breakdown, contact All Star Plumbing & Restoration garbage disposals service and we will send a professional over to repair your disposal needs.

Many people think garbage disposals use blades to chop up the food into bits, like a tiny blender. In actuality, impellers spin to force food waste into a static grinder that basically liquefies the food. The waste is then travels through a waste-water pipe to either a septic tank or waste-water treatment plant.


It is best to insert food slowly and proportionately, as shoving too much food in too fast can easily clog your disposal. Hard materials, like bone or large seeds can be grinded and actually aid in the cleaning of the inside of the disposal. Also, a smart way to avoid the nasty smell that often accompanies a disposal is by grinding up citrus peels or dish soap, keeping your disposal looking and smelling clean. It is also important to regularly check for leaks, as your disposal has a number of sources that could cause such a thing.

It is also important to use your disposal regularly to prevent buildup and corrosion. When grinding food, run cold water from the sink into the disposal. The cold water will help clean the disposals by hardening the grease and oils left behind by other foods. Perhaps the most cost effective method of cleaning your garbage disposal is ice. Ice is liquefied and aids in the deterioration of buildup and can ball up sludge, making it easily disposable. Once these oils harden, it is easier for the disposal to grind them up and send them down the pipe system.


This is the important part. Preventing clogs and using your disposal for the proper things is the best way to avoid your disposal breaking down. When using the disposal, do not use hot water, as it aids the efforts of grease buildup, making your disposal dirty and smelly. Do not use your disposal for strong foods (celery or onions), expandable foods (pasta or rice), or coffee grounds. All these items can clog the disposal or get tangled in the impellers.

The most common cause of disposal breakdowns is when owners use garbage disposals for non-food items. This includes glass, plastic, cigarette butts, silverware, and any other common objects that aren’t food. Simply put, garbage disposals are for food waste only. Using garbage disposals for other purposes can clog your piping, dismantle impellers, or rust your disposal. Lastly, harsh chemicals are another harmful factor that can hurt your disposal. Harsh cleaners like bleach can wear down or damage the blade and/or pipes of your disposal system.

Following the helpful tips, avoiding certain foods, and being cautious of your disposals activity can help prevent your garbage disposal from breaking down. However, sometimes malfunctions or leaks are inevitable. If you live in the Boise/Meridian area and your garbage disposal quits on you, contact All Star Plumbing & Restoration garbage disposals service and our experts will tend to all your disposal and plumbing needs.