January 26, 2016 Plumbing Services Newsletter - Carpet Removal

"I sure appreciated how quick and cost effectively you guys took care of my leaking copper pipes under the house this past summer. Highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs plumbing service!"

Andy Krivy, owner of Infinity Signs, Boise, Idaho

The Damaging Effects of Chemical Cleaners

Most homeowners keep some kind of drain cleaner like Drano underneath their sink to fix clogs. However, using these products to unclog sinks or toilets could be causing more damage.

If the chemical cleaner doesn’t get remove the clog, it will sit in the pipe and begin to corrode the material. If it’s repeatedly used, it could eat its way through the pipe completely, causing a leak.

Even more problematic is putting a chemical cleaner in the toilet to unclog it. Whatever is put in the toilet lingers because without flushing, the water won’t drain. When a chemical cleaner remains on the porcelain, it will begin to heat up. Two things could happen when the chemical cleaner heats up:

  1. The bowl will crack, and the toilet will need to be replaced
  2. It could possibly explode, causing major damage to the bathroom

Installing a brand new toilet or fixing a damaged bathroom is going to cost a lot more than calling All Star Plumbing and Restoration for help when the sink or toilet clogs. They’re available 24/7 for emergency plumbing situations as well.


When Water Backs Up in the Sink

Sometimes when a sink gets clogged, and water begins backing up it’s an easy fix, like food particles stuck in the drain. However, water backing up into the sink could mean something else entirely. The water could be coming from the bathtub, dishwasher, washing machine or another appliance. This means there’s a blockage somewhere in the plumbing system.

In an area where there are multiple fixtures, they tend to share drain and vent pipes. They can be connected through a waste line. When this happens, one blockage can affect everything.

Figuring out how everything is connected can be simple. When the sink is backed up with water, take note as to which other appliance or fixture is being used. If it only happens when the dishwasher is running, then those are the two that are connected through a drain pipe. That means there’s probably some kind of blockage in between the two.

One way to get rid of the blockage is to fill the sink with water, and then plunge it. It could push the clog out of the fitting the two appliances share. If that doesn’t work, give All Star Plumbing and Restoration a call. They can fix the issue and have the plumbing in working order in no time.


Carpet Removal

After years of use, carpets can be subject to water damage, mold, pet damage or more. If that’s the case, All Star Plumbing and Restoration can help! One of their restoration services is carpet removal. They will remove the damaged carpet and get the home ready for new carpet.

Once the new carpet gets installed, here are a few things homeowners can do to preserve the life of the carpet:


Keeping dirty shoes off of the carpet can go a long way in keeping it clean and stain-free. One way to do this is to make sure there are door mats at every door so people can wipe their feet before entering the room with the new carpet. Some people make a rule that shoes have to come off before entering the room.


Carpets keep their durability and freshness when vacuumed regularly. Regular vacuuming helps keep dirt, dust and other particles from grinding against the carpet and causing damage. Make sure the vacuum is right for the job. Some don’t have the ability to pick up debris from higher pile carpets.

Stain Removal:

Unsightly stains are one of the main reasons people choose to replace their carpet. The mistake many people make when trying to avoid a stain is rubbing the stain instead of blotting the spot with a cloth. For best results, find the carpet cleaner that works best with the type of carpet in the home and the type of stain involved.

Avoid the hassle of carpet removal and contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration. They’ll get it removed, get the room prepped for new carpet, and help homeowners avoid the stress of doing it themselves.


Cleaning Bathroom Faucets

Faucets, especially ones with a shiny finish can easily accumulate grime and fingerprints. Getting them back to pristine shininess shouldn’t take long, but if there are kids around they might not stay that way for long.

The first step is knowing the finish of the faucet. Most commonly they are chrome, but other finishes might need specialized cleaning. For faucets that don’t require specialized cleaning, a mild dish soap and some water usually does the trick.

If a basic cleaning doesn’t get it completely clean, try using white vinegar. Mix it with water, half and half and apply using a cleaning cloth.

The edges and corners of a faucet can be the hardest part to get clean. Use an old toothbrush to scrub them with soap and water. Then just wipe it dry.

If the faucets are beyond cleaning, have All Star Plumbing and Restoration replace them. They’ll work with homeowners to find the perfect faucet for any bathroom or kitchen.


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