July 8, 2015 Plumbing Services Newsletter - Water Damage

"I sure appreciated how quick and cost effectively you guys took care of my leaking copper pipes under the house this past summer. Highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs plumbing service!"

Andy Krivy, owner of Infinity Signs, Boise, Idaho

The Beginning of the Roll

Most people take toilet paper for granted, until the roll runs out that is. It makes life easier and less messy, but it wasn’t always around. The world went quite a long time without it.

Before it came to be, they had to resort to using their surroundings and used their left hand, which is why people greet each other with their right. The practice never faded and in some cultures there’s still a stigma surrounding the left hand.

However, China was using toilet paper by the 14th century. It was made in two inch by three inch sheets. Some thought it was an odd practice and that deemed them uncleanly. It took some time for the rest of the world to catch on to how useful toilet paper really was.

Ever wonder why people bring reading materials into the bathroom? No, it’s not out of boredom. Americans used old and discarded reading materials in place of toilet paper until the late 19th century.

The form of toilet paper seen today was invented in 857 by Joseph Gayetty. It was first sold in an unperforated form, but by 1885 it was much easier to tear off the roll. As for the over-under debate, there’s no telling when it started.



The Dogs’ Favorite Water Dish

There are two types of pet owners: those who allow their dog to drink from the toilet, and those who chastise them for going near the porcelain throne. Some might think it is extremely gross to let their dog drink from the toilet, but it’s not as bad as it seems.

Pets seem to think the water coming from the toilet tastes amazing. It could be because the porcelain keeps the water colder than water that has been sitting out. It’s also refreshed fairly often through flushing.

It’s in pretty good condition germ-wise, depending on how often it is cleaned. It could actually have less bacteria than their old water dish sitting in the kitchen. How often does the water dish get a good scrubbing between uses compared to how often the toilet gets flushed and brushed?

Even with training children and the men in the house, the toilet seat is often left up. So, it’s not really the dog’s fault for seizing the opportunity when it is presented. If nothing else, it provides a safety net of drinking water for them if theirs runs out while their humans are away.

Next time pet owners catch their dog taking a swig from the toilet, they might think twice before chasing them out of the bathroom and closing the lid.


Keeping the Shower in Shape - Water Damage

The shower is probably the last thing on any homeowner’s mind when making a list of things to be fixed around the house. However, small damages in a shower could add up over time and become a bigger problem.

That leaky shower head or crack in the wall could lead to water damage and expensive repairs if homeowners don’t catch them in time. Instead of ignoring the small problems, give All Star Plumbing and Restoration a call. They can help fix these water damage issues before they spread.

If there are cracks or chips in the shower, they could lead to leaks because they expand over time. It’s better to have them checked out and fixed now, than to wait and see if they get bigger and lead to water damage and possible mold.

Showerheads with low pressure are annoying. Swapping it out with a new one could be a simple fix to the problem, but it could also be an issue with the water heater pressure coming through the pipes. Let All Star figure out which issue it is and get the shower pumping with a decent water pressure.


Fence Restoration and Maintenance

Many people prefer wood fences over other options for a variety of reasons. They give more privacy, feel more natural, and tend to last longer than plastic. However, they do experience wear and tear and might need to be fixed occasionally.

Along with a basic maintenance plan, have All Star Plumbing and Restoration come look at any damages the fence has sustained in a storm. They can fix any damages and help it to stay strong for years to come.

Maintenance for a fence requires it be painted or sealed to keep out moisture. For those who would prefer to not paint their fence, they should consider sealing and staining the fence at least. This will keep water out, preventing rotting. The fence should always be sealed before it is stained, because stains only have some of the same properties as sealants.

Cleaning the fence regularly can also help prevent mold and rotting, as well as keeping it nice looking. Power-washing is a great way to get this done. Also keep yard debris away from the bottom where it can pile up and cause damage.

Even with good maintenance, unexpected circumstances can damage a fence, such as thunderstorms. Wind can knock down trees in yards, causing damage to homes, and fences. As part of their restoration services, All Star can help restore fences when they have become damaged in this way.

Contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration for restoration help after a natural disaster. Or go to their website and check out their other restoration services.


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