April 10, 2017 Plumbing Services Newsletter - Leaky Septic Tank

"I sure appreciated how quick and cost effectively you guys took care of my leaking copper pipes under the house this past summer. Highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs plumbing service!"

Andy Krivy, owner of Infinity Signs, Boise, Idaho


Benefits of a Corner Sink

Sink placement in a kitchen can make a huge difference in its efficiency and aesthetics. Small or awkwardly shaped kitchens may benefit from an unusual sink placement: the corner sink. Some of the advantages to having a corner sink include:

1. Floor Space

In a smaller kitchen, a corner sink can free up floor space allowing for more than one person to work in the kitchen at a time. Having one person stationed at the corner sink allows for another to freely move about the kitchen doing food prep, putting away groceries, or cooking. It allows homeowners to take advantage of every inch of kitchen space.

2. Counter Space

Countertop corners are an underutilized area. Putting the sink in the corner frees up more easily-accessible space. It puts that dead space to work and provides more continuous counterspace. With longer stretches of counter space, there’s more room for cooking, baking, etc.

3. Storage

Create extra storage under the corner sink with a wedge-shaped cabinet. This arrangement also allows more room for plumbing pipes and transforms the corner dead space into more storage for cleaning supplies, or odds and ends that won’t fit anywhere else.

There are some cons that come with a corner sink like limited sink options, tight elbow room, difficulty cleaning, and cramped appliance zones. Whether a corner sink will work really depends on the size and layout of the kitchen.

Homeowners considering a kitchen renovation and moving the sink to the corner should contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration. Our team can make sure the plumbing is moved and set up just right so no problems arise later.



Signs of a Leaky Septic Tank

Leaky Septic Tank

A leaky septic tank can be hard to spot. Most homeowners aren’t aware their septic tank is leaking until it’s opened up. However, there are a few of indicators to be aware of.

1. Low Liquid Level

In occupied homes, a low liquid level is a good indication that the septic tank is leaking. However, since there is a constant influx of water due to use, the water level may look normal upon inspection, giving a false reading when it is in fact, leaking. It is easier to see a low level on an unoccupied house.

2. Liquid Flow-back

If the house is occupied and showing a normal liquid level, this could be happening. As the liquids are pumped down into the tank, water seeps into the tank. This is due to the oversaturated soil outside of the tank.

3. Visible Signs

Rarely, a leak will present itself in the form of overly vibrant patches of grass, or rapidly growing vegetation patches. When these signs are discovered, there will most likely be expensive repairs needed to the septic system.

Leaking septic tanks are considered environmentally hazardous, and could affect the yard or house. To prevent expensive damage and leaks, septic tanks should undergo routine maintenance. Sealing the tank may fix the issue for a short time, but it is likely it will need to be replaced once it starts leaking.

If a leaking or broken septic tank has left a need for excavation or re-piping, contact the team at All Star Plumbing and Restoration.



Spring Hose Bib Maintenance

Hose Bib Maintenance

Hose bibs are useful for so many things in the yard like car washing, gardening, and more. If they aren’t properly winterized, come spring they could spring a leak. When warmer weather comes around, hose bibs need to be checked for winter damage.

Turn hose bibs on to check for interior and exterior leaks. If there is a leak when the hose bib is turned on, there’s likely to be a cracked pipe from the winter. An exterior leak in the hose bib, could cause water damage to the home and should be addressed immediately.

When a leak is present, try to determine where the water is escaping. Here are some of the other common causes of leaks:

  • Handle Leak- the washer needs to be replaced and the packing nut tightened.
  • Faucet Leak- Replace the bib washer
  • Vacuum Breaker Leak- replace any damaged vacuum breaker parts

Before turning on the hose bibs, make sure someone is inside so they can be aware of any water leaking inside the home or garage from a cracked pipe. You will also want to know where the main water shut-off is located in case there is a larger leak. If there’s a split pipe due to freezing, a leak will be easily detected within seconds. Split hoses usually happen when a hose is left connected to the hose bib during winter. If no leak is detected within about 30 seconds, there’s likely no leak or cracked pipes and the hose bib is save to use.

If there’s a leaky hose bib, or a split pipe inside the house, call All Star Plumbing and Restoration right away. The faster we can respond, the less water damage will occur.

Talk to All Star Plumbing and Restoration about installing new hose bibs this spring to make yardwork easier.



Easter Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Take those old toilet paper rolls and turn them into a cute Easter bunny craft for kids to participate in.


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Googly eyes
  • 2 jumbo craft sticks
  • Pom poms or button (for nose)
  • Large white pom pom
  • White craft foam
  • Glue
  • Paint


  1. Glue the craft sticks inside of the toilet paper roll so they are sticking out like ears.
  2. Paint the roll and sticks with color of choice
  3. Cut the craft foam into a small square and the cut a slit in it so it resembles teeth and glue it on.
  4. Glue the nose, eyes, and tail in place.
  5. Include in Easter decorations.



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